Discover the world new with a Panorama or Sunroof from Webasto!

This is how freedom feels like

Enjoy pure life - in every moment

With a panorama or sunroof, every sunbeam brings a smile to your face and behind every bend is a new breathtaking view that you can enjoy even better.

What makes panorama and sunroofs so desirable?

Surely every driver has his or her own personal ideas. But panorama and sunroofs also offer objective advantages that make them a very special experience.

Discover the advantages!

Highest Quality

Engineering skill by the world market leader for roof systems made in Germany: The elegant panorama and sunroofs from Webasto, which are perfectly installed ex works, meet the highest standards of technical functionality and reliability - even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Safe Feeling

Panorama and sunroofs from Webasto meet international safety standards. Endurance tests prove that the stiffness of the body is maintained. Anti-pinch protection fitted as standard also offers safety for even the smallest vehicle occupants. ESG glass and innovative materials also make panorama and sunroofs robust against external influences.

Open Space Feeling

Through optical magnification panorama and sunroofs create a feeling of freedom. Even in cloudy weather, light floods into the interior, which demonstrably enhances well-being and the ability to concentrate.

Design Highlight

Panorama and sunroofs from Webasto are unique design elements and are developed in close cooperation with the automobile manufacturers. They fit beautifully into the overall architecture of the vehicles and underline the individuality of the driver - from the limousine and SUV to the trendy small car.

Pleasant Temperatures

The cooling time in summer is significantly reduced by panorama and sunroofs. The warm air can escape through the roof and the air conditioning system efficiently cools the vehicle interior. By installing the openable roof system directly ex works, even cold and wet conditions remain outside - even in the strongest rain and arctic cold. Roller blinds also support the insulation.

Pure Peace

Thanks to wind deflectors that swirl the wind, noise and air turbulence in the vehicle interior are minimized. Disturbing noises caused by open side windows are a thing of the past.


Let’s go to your next car dealer and ask for a vehicle with a panorama or sunroof from Webasto.

We wish you lots of fun with your panorama or sunroof and a good trip!